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Revenue Management

It takes time to manage your rates and inventory accurately, let me take on this task for your property.  With this task no longer your General Managers responsibility, they can focus on the areas that drive positive customer experience and increased productivity within your hotel.  This will further enhance the profitability of your hotel, and you get an expierenced Revenue Manager that will return higher profits, with a positive return on investment.

  • I manage your rates on a daily basis, looking forward 12 months.  I set your rates based upon the actual demand, not a mathematical equation.
  • I look at your competitor's rates in your area, and insure your rates are set correctly to your competition.
  • You get real time reports on the productivity of my services each week, based upon prior year numbers, emailed to you every Monday.
  • Reservation Training recommendations for your front desk staff.
  • Quarterly visits, either in person or via webinar.
  • I work with your General Manager to insure a smooth transition and on-going communications during the length of the service agreement.

Bottom line, the General Manager will now have the time to manage all the moving pieces in your hotel, and you can be assured that your rooms will be sold at the right rate every day.

Automated versus manual Revenue Management Systems: 

Automated RM systems are in place at many franchises.  But please do not think that this means your GM's do not do any additional work, in many cases, the additional workload to insure the accuracy takes more concentrated time than before the system was automated.  The RM systems require input and decisions on a daily basis, and this takes time away from your operation and profits away from you, the owner.  RM systems utilize mathematical equations to formulate the correct rate based upon information fed into their systems by the GM.  I do not recommend that you fully automate any RM system.  Personal evaluation of your hotels rates are critical for your hotels success.  Rates Center by Choice Hotels is one of the easiest to manage and is very user friendly. 

As a Revenue & Rates Manager, I can assure you your rates will be set correctly everyday, to insure the highest revenue yield possible.  Your GM should manage your hotel, not be stuck behind a computer.

Your next question is what this will cost me.  I have broken down the basic fees below.  For owners with multiple properties, the fee will be based upon the number of properties in my program.

Basic Revenue Management: To include Daily review of your rates and changes based upon your demand as well as the demand in the market.  One property visit meeting quarterly with GM and owner; RFP preparation; local rates, special events review and Company Profile training for GM and staff.

  • Basic Fee with Property Visit: $1,095/month with a 12 month commitment
  • Basic Fee with no property visit: $995/month with a 12 month commitment